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 Joshua Odeneal's voiceover range is very versatile!  Depending on the job, he can be described as friendly, conversational, deep, warm, gentle, soothing, smooth, real, or booming, authoritative, fatherly, and trans-generational.

Josh has an innate ability to mimic accents and change his voice to fit the project he's currently working on.  He has a very detailed ear

an portray the goofy and playful grown-up for children and teen relatable for educational and audiobooks, expresses high emotional EQ for sacred and religious content, vocal explosiveness for car spots and epic movie trailers, visionary direction for promos and articulating in technical voice over presentations for business and corporations.

One wintery day Josh was listening to a audio book on his long drive down the highway.  As he was listing and praying he had a thought that he had never had before.  " Audio books are a great tool to communicate- is there  BETTER WAY to record and communicate though audio books?" Then he had new ideas after new ideas to create thought audio books that he had never thought before. Those thoughts along with a year and half of time gets us to today -----and the adventure BEGINS!