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Voice Over Production

Voice over or voice recording (Narration) is in a multitude of medias-- TV commercials, podcasts, audio-books, video games, Youtube videos, games, apps and many others!  There has been such an increase in media use, due to the popularity of social sites, tablets, and smart phones...the voice-over industry is booming!  If you will find that audio is the equal partner to video. ;-)

  • All of our productions have a dedicated engineer / director working with the narrator.  This allows the narrator to concentrate on their performance and is also another set of ears during the recording process to ensure things like; consistency of character voices, proper sense/ inflection, pronunciation, pacing, etc.
  • All of our narration is done inside our "vocal vault" to eliminate any outside noise.  We use only professional microphones with UA Audio preamps.
  • We also include professional editing/ mastering services after the narration has been completed to double check for accuracy, formatting & proper playback levels.
  • Dedicated dictation and accent consultant available 
  • Distributution through Audible and iTunes available
  • We have voices for hire (Click here to listen)

ATTENTION CENTRAL WISCONSIN AREA NARRATORS: No Home Studio?  No Problem.  Record your next project in our VOCAL VAULT. (What's a "Vocal Vault" you ask???  Click HERE to find out )  

VOICE ACTORS-- Do you have a relevant Demo.?

If you don't have a fresh demo (recorded in the last year), it is imperative to your success, to show that your voice acting skills can relate to the current market.

Today's market is always changing!  Your demo reflects whether you can create the NEW SOUND that Producers are looking for. The "Big Announcer"  voice has its place, but "Real, Relatable, and Relevant" is coming on the scene.  The increase in media brings an increased need for versatile vocal types.

At NEW SOUND We record Demos!!! Click HERE to set up an appointment!

Just got my completed audio demo from Josh Odeneal from New Sound Studio and loved it! Josh was great to work with. He got the best out of me, pushing me to expand my comfort zone, but was always making sure I was happy with each result. Josh made it a great experience and I look forward to working with him more in the future.
— Steve Winterhack