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You may need New Sound's help if you get complaints like these--"The music is too loud!"... "It's muffled sounding, I can't understand what they're saying." ... "It's hard to hear the person speaking." .... "I can only hear the guitars."..... OR the singers/musicians have a hard time hearing themselves/the other musicians.  

We offer a FREE consultation meeting - supplying you with the best options and PROFESSIONAL advice currently available.  

Josh is very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and fun to work with. He brought the sound quality of my studio to a whole new level. I would highly recommend New Sound Studio for any audio needs.
— Jamie Steuart Group Exercise Director Princeton Club, East

What to expect? 

You can expect Josh to LISTEN to your needs.  This is not a "sales meeting" -  Josh wants to help remove old stereotypes about sound systems and how they are 'supposed' to be used. There many ways to fix sound problems. Most issues can be solved with a little tweaking and TRAINING--without training (or poor training) it is virtually impossIble to get the sound you're looking for.  New Sound Audio Consulting can fix that! 

Josh will supply the training and tools for your team to excel and focus on your specific needs. 


We are pleased to offer: 

TRAINING - Training is the key to any successful audio/video team.  Unfortunately most equipment was purchased before many people on your team were there to learn. Training your current staff and volunteers will give everyone the confidence and knowledge to handle most anything that should come your way. We always try our best to change the "Set it and Forget it!" mentality many people who currently manage a sound system have.

REPAIRS - You would be surprised what can be fixed!  

REPLACEMENT- If it can't be fixed, that is most unfortunate, We can supply you with the best suggestions on what quality products will fit your current and known future needs.

Upgrades- Want to upgrade your current system? We can work with you to design a system that fits your vision. (i.e.. digital mixers, loud speaker design and placement, drum integration, personal mixers for stage, sub integration, and recording and streaming solutions) Providing PROFESSIONAL DESIGN, INSTALLATION, and TRAINING.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh in many live production settings. His attention to detail and trained ear make him a great choice for your audio needs.
— Jason Farrington -Media Director @ Global Presence Ministries