New Sound Studio

Producing professional, high quality audio



In an age where people are on the go more than ever before, and are depending more and more on technology for information and pleasure, through their laptops, tablets, and smart phones...the need for higher quality audio recording is essential!  Audio-books and recorded teachings don't have to be dry, boring, or hard to follow, but can have life and energy through high-quality recording and mastering.  It is our goal to produce clear, engaging audio recording that will make these methods more enjoyable AND effective! New Sound Studio was formed by Joshua Odeneal, who has always had a passion for creating clear and well-balanced sound!  He has a gifted ear for detail and a desire for perfection.  He is never satisfied with just "getting the job done" but is always looking to improve whatever project he is working on.  Whether mixing for a live event or recording/polishing a vocal track, Joshua is always seeking to create a New Sound that connects with the listener.

At New Sound Studio, you can expect the best!  Honesty, integrity, and a professional, high-quality product that will engage the listener and keep them coming back for more!