New Sound Studio

Producing professional, high quality audio



Professional Editing

  • remove unwanted sounds and noise
  • adjust timing
  • fix phase issues (out of phase guitars, drums, and bass can make your song sound really thin and muddy)

  • prepare tracks for mixing

Professional Mixing

  • adjust levels for individual tracks 
  • adjust individual EQs 
  • add effects 
  • create stems for the mastering engineer

Professional Mastering

"Mastering" is the final step toward a finished product.   It involves taking audio that has been recorded, then processing (or sweetening) the audio to maximize the sound quality for playback. 

Mastering Includes:

  • Frequency Correction, Mastering EQ
  • Multi-Band Compression
  • Harmonic Excitement & Saturation Processing
  • Stereo & Mid-Side Processing
  • Clarity and depth that your flat mix might be lacking
  • Volume maximization
  • Creating continuity between songs on album

Sample of a song mastered by New Sound

Top quality work! I will absolutely use this company again.
— Keith Leon